Alone we are strong.
Together we are stronger.

Our advanced Succeeding Together program gives clients unique access to Freddie Mac’s powerful lending product. It’s the cutting edge solution in multifamily lending. We provide our partners immense value in our never-ending quest to remain at the forefront of correspondent lending. We’re never satisfied or complacent with how we conduct our business.

Succeeding Together maximizes your revenue without incurring any of the risk. We increase your bottom line while simplifying the process. It’s a win-win situation.

Our primary objective is to have long-lasting, rewarding partnerships. We believe in aligning ourselves with other industry authorities.

The Sabal Advantage

As an industry leader, we pride ourselves in setting the precedent. We’re the sole 100% wholesale-only approved lender that uses an advanced online platform.

Succeeding Together is built on shared triumph. We only flourish if you do. And we take on all the risk.

  • No capital investment
  • No underwriting risks
  • No ongoing expenses or maintenances

We have an abundance of valuable resources to help grow your business. They’re always at your disposal and we’re constantly adding to them to ensure maximum value.

Sabal is rated, audited and regularly reviewed. We hold many industry accreditations, which are a testament to our commitment to providing a superior experience and product to our clients and investors.

What We Do

We’re here to expedite the loan cycle so that you can continue to scale production. Our dedicated team specializes with Freddie Mac’s programs. It’s what we know and what we do best. We’re equipped to handle every possible scenario.

Send us the loan and let us do the worrying. We know every intricacy of the program, so we can assess and diagnose any potential problems before they arise.

What You Do

Send Sabal your deal so you can focus on the next one. We simplify the process, so every phase of the loan cycle is uninterrupted.

We allow you to focus your resources on the most important aspect of your business: Growth.

Success with Sabal


We designed our onboarding process around educating, ease and efficiency. We take a personalized approach with every client to provide the utmost value. The training is tailored to put you in a position to succeed and scale your business immediately.


Sabal’s state-of-the-art SNAP™ online platform has altered the landscape of lending.

The system allows you to easily track the progress of your loan. It’s user-friendly and accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • Track pipeline 24/7
  • Automated status notifications
  • Online loan application
  • Single sign-on capability
  • Real-time calculator

SNAP™ has revolutionized the underwriting process and given our Succeeding Together program a robust foundation. It’s helped shape the future of correspondent lending.

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Support & Marketing

The Succeeding Together program is entrenched in efficiency, our training and implementation methods are designed for your immediate success. It’s in our best interest to make sure you have the tools to prosper and our energetic, knowledgeable staff thrive on educating.

  • We have dedicated support specialists always at your disposal
  • We’ll provide you with branded marketing materials for your borrowers
  • You’ll have ongoing access to customized training and webinars to meet your needs